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Date/Time: 10/3/2015, 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Green River Farm
Type of Event: Festivals
Contact Info: 301 GREEN RIVER ROAD
Website: www.greenriverpreserve.org

Food is one of the fabrics that weave our lives together. An essential element we cannot avoid. There is however the choice of what food we will put in our bodies; though, as omnivores, that choice can at times be grueling.

On the banks of the Green River in Henderson County one small farm is doing all it can to teach children and young adults about the food choices available to them. At Green River Preserve Farm, we strive to connect all our visitors with their food pathways, from starting the seeds all the way to cooking and preserving. We hope our guests walk away knowing how to get started growing their own fruits and vegetables as well as how to make informed choices about food purchases. 

As a part of the non-profit summer camp Green River Preserve, the farm plays host to over a thousand children and young adults. While the farm works to accomplish a number of goals the primary focus is to help participants make a connection with where and how their food is produced. We want visitors to understand ways that they can be active participants in their food pathways and how the choices they make affect the world around them.

Our newest program KALE (Kids’ Agricultural Learning Experience) brings local elementary schools out to the farm for day long field trips. While this program does teach farming practices and techniques, there is also an emphasis on the environmental impacts of those different farming methods. The farm is located at the beautiful headwaters of the Green River which provides ample opportunity for exploring the ecosystems that are affected by the choices we make on our farm.

In order to keep KALE cost effective for public schools it is imperative that we find additional sources of financial support. This fall, Green River Preserve Farm will be hosting a farm feast to support its many educational activities. All proceeds from the farm feast will go directly to funding educational programming at GRP Farm.

Please consider joining us October 3 for a memorable epicurean experience! Chef Cardiff Creasey of Wicked Weed brewery will be preparing a number of delicious dishes using ingredients from Green River Preserve and other local farms. Food will be paired with a number of Wicked Weed brews and diners will enjoy musical entertainment during and after their meal.