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5 Dollar 5k

Date/Time: 2/11/2015, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Fletcher, NC
Type of Event: Running
Contact Info: Fletcher Parks and Rec 828-674-6087
Website: footrxasheville.com
5 Dollar 5k

On the second Wednesday of each month, Foot Rx hosts a no-frills laid back 5k with an entrance fee of 5$. All the proceeds go to benefit a local organzation that is making a difference in our community. Come do something good for yourself and your community.  All begin at 6:30pm


Date Theme: Location: Benefits:
2/11 Partner Run Fletcher Park Fletcher Parks & Rec
3/17 Cookie Run Fletcher Park Girl Scouts
4/8 Relay Jackson Park Big Bros & Big Sisters
5/13 Black Jack Fletcher Park Habitat 4 Humanity
6/3** Skirt Chaser Fletcher Park Mainstay
7/8 Prediction Run Jackson Park St. Gerard House
8/12 Relay Fletcher Park Cub Scouts
9/9 Prediction Run Fletcher Park Wounded Warrior
10/14 Black Jack Jackson Park Jackson Park & Rec

** June's race takes place on National Run day and will be held on the first Wednesday of that month.