Mission: To ensure the emerging and current workforce have the skills or opportunity to gain the skills to meet the employer needs for Henderson County.


  • Improve the skill sets of students graduating or otherwise leaving the K-12 system and entering the workforce.
  • Communicate training/educational opportunities for the current workforce and un/underemployed that improve opportunities for advancement.
  • Support school administrators, teachers, students, and parents who are involved in the educational process.
  • Determine higher education needs in Henderson County and assist with awareness and promotion of activities and programs that support these needs.

Action Steps:

  • Coordinate and secure sponsorships for the New Teachers Event.
  • Coordinate and secure sponsorships for the NC Scholars Luncheon.
  • Advocate for higher education in Henderson County by promoting college access activities, including 1)BRCC Open House, 2)College Planning, and 3)Financial Aid workshops.
  • Coordinate and manage the Junior Leadership Development Class.
  • Coordinate the Chamber Challenge Trivia Contest as a fundraiser for the Education Committee’s activities.
  • Promote and advocate for the higher educational needs of Henderson County.  Look at goals of Children and Family Services, United Way Agenda, and JobLink goals to promote. 
  • Assist HCPS and other school staff with developing opportunities for shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships for students, teachers & professionals in the community.
  • Assist BRCC in coordination of the high school junior Career Day.
  • Expand professional development partnerships between local schools, BRCC and local high-tech companies.
  • Assist in promoting Advantage West’s “Creative Juices” competition.
  • Assist BRCC in promoting college access programs and activities including College Planning workshops, Open Houses, and Financial Aid Workshops.
  • Expand professional development partnerships between HCPS schools, BRCC, local employers and high-tech companies, including 1)communicating regarding job skills needs, 2)collaborating to create opportunities for student job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships, and 3)helping BRCC coordinate the STEM Camps & programs.
  • Assist in recruiting business volunteers to participate in “Mad City Money” simulation.
  • Communicate with local employers regarding job skill needs and future skill needs.
  • Continue working with WCU, UNCA, and others to encourage higher education opportunities in Henderson County.
  • Determine need for a Henderson County Job Fair.  If none, promote and co-sponsor the regional “Homecoming Job Fair”.
  • Continue support of the Futures 4 Kids program in the Henderson County Public Schools.
  • Assist with and promote the Non-Profit Symposium for Counselors.

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